Commonly Familiar Insurance Types

Almost everybody is familiar with the word ‘insurance’ but not everybody fully comprehends the meaning of it.  What they know however is that the insurance will pay them if a loss or damage happens.  The truth is that there are many types of insurances and that you can insure nearly everything these days as long it is of great value to you and has insurance interest.  For some people, understanding insurance is not their thing, particularly those that are more complex.  Nevertheless, they will encounter insurance one way or other through these commonly familiar insurance types:

Life Insurance – this type of insurance is a form of assurance by the breadwinner in the family that his family will have monetary assistance should he meet his/her demise.  Life insurance allows you to have a beneficiary for your death and this can be given on a monthly or lump sum basis.  When you have life insurance, the insurer will also assist the family in you funeral, burial, and other expenses that relates to your body’s final moments above earth.  If you have children that are still minors and your death will leave them in financial hardship that may affect their studies, having life insurance may be a great investment for you.

Auto Insurance – any person who has a motorized vehicle is required to have his automobile to be properly insured.  Having auto insurance is an important protection as you will never know when you will get in a vehicular accident.  If you are responsible in causing the accident, you will need to cover for the expenses that came as a result of your accident.  This will include property damage and medical bills for the injury you may have caused.  If you do not have any insurance, you will have to pay for all of these.  This makes having auto insurance very important when you have an automobile.

Home Insurance – when you have a home, it is very important that you have home insurance as home insurance not only serves as damage protection, but also as liability protection.  If your home gets damaged and the damage is within the confines of your coverage insurance policy, then your insurer will pay for the repairs until you are indemnified.  If anyone gets injured in your premise, your insurer will also pay for the medical bills for the injured person.  This is why it cannot be emphasized enough how important home insurance is.